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Online Optimized Adwords Marketing Funnels Call Processing for AddictionTreatment Centers.

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What makes you Special? You need to know because people are not searching for just Rehab. They look for a specific treatment tailored to their needs. A full spectrum of niche treatment options is on the web now. Detox, Christian, Integrative Therapy, Men, Women, Adolescents, Geo-Locations and more.

We understand each specific market segment and how to identify your operation as a unique solution for each prospect. Your Unique Brand requires on-target market messaging.
We profile all unique aspects of your brand and your addiction facility. Your best prospects are profiled, identified, and located so we can connect. Why online marketing? Simply put, your prospects are all online in 2014. They use search engines daily to find everything from pizza to podiatrists.

We find where your prospects visit, and get eyeballs on your message. We place our creative ads on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. We place the ads on display networks by keyword selection to appear on suitable sites where your prospects will visit. We can also create and manage Adwords and PPC campaigns if that fits your marketing and budget requirements.
Why is your facility a better choice for addiction treatment? We formulate that answer working with you and your team. Our copywriters create messages that resonate with your best prospects. We position you and your facility as the unique choice for what they seek. These powerful messages are seen on Social Media and numerous websites we select from our market research
Now that we have their Attention on social media, forums,and websites... we connect and engage each individual prospect online. Digital marketing is about online conversation. In the case of addiction facilities this is a more intimate conversation. We engage each person with respect and establish your brand and unique solution.
Do Prospects have Questions about Your Facility? You bet they have questions. We save you and your Staff enormous time by providing many of the answers Online. We work 24/7 to nurture the prospects and create Market Qualified Leads.

We've profiled each target market, so we anticipate their questions. We strive to answer those questions online within specific Marketing Funnels created for each target segment. We can deliver higher quality inbound leads seeking specific knowledge about intake procedures at your facility.
The marketing funnels do a great job answering most quesions and fueling desire to know more. Alpha takes it a step further and evaluates for intent. We try our best to eliminate time-wasters. Our pre-qualification process sends you higher value leads and saves you and your staff valuable time. .
We can transfer all Market Qualified phone calls from each funnel directly to your phone numbers 24/7. We also track and measure the performance of the call flows and each marketing funnel. Optionally, we have our staff accept phone calls and ask for initial information about insurance and contact details. If you choose this option, we can cover your phones 24/7 and send email leads directly to a group of email addresses of your choosing.
Marketing is also about persuasion. We not only pre-qualify for intent, we strive to fuel the desire to see your facility as their best choice. Ultmately, your own admissions staff must sell the prospects and process the intake for insurance... but Alpha can create high value Market Qualifed leads available with our advanced online systems.

Alpha Features

Target Marketing Funnels Maximize Results

Precision Targeting. Our team of experienced marketers and web monkeys create funnels for specific market segments. The Funnel is a system to connect and engage each prospect all the way to Call to Action.

Creative Design

We know what to say and how to say it. Our designers create optimized graphics and pages for marketing engagement. Attention is the first step in in the process. The web is a crowded space. Standing out of the crowd is Job #1

Digital Display Advertising

We excel at getting eyeballs on our optimized ads to kickstart the funnel process. We get the best deals on display advertising and we spend your ad money like it was our own.

Search Engine Pay-per-Click Advertising

Addiction Centers in USA spend $3.6 million on Google Adwords every month. We have 2 years direct experience with Addiction Industry clients creating and managing their Pay-per-Click(PPC) campaigns. PPC is a challenging medium but optimized campaigns typically deliver an ROI of 300%.

Powerful Persuasive Messaging

This is healthcare, but a profitable business is still about getting paying customers in the door. What makes a person choose your addiction facility over a hundred other choices? Persuasive Messaging. Copywriting is the spark creating action for Market Qualified phone calls.

Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing

Alpha Lead Generation

Digital Marketing

KickStart Your Lead Generation

Call Today. We are happy to work on a trial basis and prove we deliver maximum results.

Meet the Team

  • Toni Young CEO Client Coordinator

    Toni's career spans 16 years in web and software development. For last three years specializing in addicition industry

    (832) 554-9948
  • Jan Gregory Marketing Director

    Jan handles creatives for copywriting, ppc campaigns, phone campaigns and email marketing. Jan transitioned to online marketing in 1998.

    (832) 554-9948
  • Gran Yanez Graphics Designer

    Gran provides the skills and talent for your graphics and images for your unique branding.

    (832) 554-9948
  • Emily Chu Research

    Emily is our in-house researcher and data coordinator for PPC campaigns and social projects.

    (832) 554-9948

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We create high value Market Qualified leads for addiction treatment. We only do online marketing. We are Online because your prospects are online. We are happy to talk with you about your marketing program. Call Toni today. Our team can setup a virtual meeting for you and your staff so we can better understand your needs. We specialize in online lead generation for addiction treatment facilities.