Drug Rehab Marketing

Today, in order to effectively double & triple your ROI on your drug rehab marketing investment and build the brand of your rehab center, it’s necessary to design an explosive digital ecosystem.

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    Your marketing strategy starts with your value proposition, understanding your ideal client, a robust user persona, exploring omni-marketing-channels that include a strong growth marketing component, if you want to see exponential progress.

    After 12 years of consistent growth for our clients in this industry, we’ve discovered that effective addiction treatment marketing must consider a behavioral web design, persuasive website copy, hyper-responsive website traffic, conversion rate optimization, more engagement, and a strong follow-up process.


    MarketWatch lists more than 14,000 drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in the United States. Statista agrees and shows California as having the highest number of recovery facilities, and Delaware the fewest.

    This means your competition is fierce.

    Diving into competitive intelligence better informs you of your service offerings and offers insight on how to establish your points of differentiation. Understanding market share, along with wallet share, is critical to your rehab center’s success. Ask yourself the following questions:

    How does your ideal client view your competitors’ positioning?

    What are people saying about your competitor offerings?

    Who’s driving the largest portion of market share and what are they offering?

    Take a look at your competitors home page, main navigation and vision

    Exploit a competitor’s lesser known weakness in your digital marketing channels and even on sales calls.

    User-Centric Drug Rehab Digital Marketing

    In the addiction rehab industry, it’s impossible to get someone to do something unless we know them right?

    The better we know them the easier it is to persuade them.

    We need to know more about them than the traditional demographic statistics like what car they drive or how many children they have or what newspaper they read.

    We need to understand their questions, concerns, tasks, their objections, their goals and their feelings.

    Hyper-Responsive Drug Rehab Leads

    Hyper responsive drug rehab lead generation is an Alpha process that we’ve created in order to generate leads

    We consider the following:

    Top-of-Funnel Marketing

    Middle-of-Funnel Marketing

    Bottom-of-Funnel Marketing

    Within each marketing funnel, we consider:

    Behavioral web design/landing page design

    Transactional keywords

    Congruence between your search engine ads and your website/landing pages.

    Multiple touch-points throughout your buyers journey

    Hand holding your prospective clients to:

    Floating Bars

    Exit Pop-Ups

    Automated Chat-Bots

    It starts with your messaging and your emotional connection with your rehab center prospects.

    Is a Drug Rehab Marketing Agency Right For You?

    Here at Alpha, our Performance Ignites Your Success.

    Our core values are rooted in the success of your rehab center.

    We reach your customers through omnichannel marketing, multichannel marketing, or even single-channel marketing.

    We expand your brand reach and

    We become an extension of your internal marketing team. We catch weaknesses in your current digital marketing activities.


    Putting together a cohesive drug rehab marketing plan requires a lot of industry knowledge.

    Which core marketing strategies will you focus on?

    Your 1st step is to organize your minimum viable strategy. Meaning, a strategy that will launch your rehab center into the marketplace quickly and with efficacy.

    Set attainable goals

    Track your website speed, bounce rates, number of pages viewed, time on site, informational keywords vs. transactional keywords etc.

    Tackle foundational elements you identified as missing or broken.

    Rehab Center Marketing Agency

    How you decide to spend your rehab centers’ marketing dollars will obviously make or break you.

    This sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of rehab owners who have absolutely no idea where to begin.

    As stated earlier, marketing a rehab center must involve omni-channels.

    Paid acquisition is one of the 1st marketing channels most rehab owners start with when considering their marketing strategy.

    Search Engine Marketing

    Social and Display Ads

    Large rehab centers spend between $50,000 to $200,000 per month on paid acquisition because it’s infinitely scalable.

    It just works.

    Especially if you can get your bounce rates low, your time on site high and your cost per lead and cost per acquisition to reasonably low rates.

    Rehab centers have a high lifetime value per client, which means they can invest more marketing dollars into acquisition.

    Google gets 40,000 search queries per second, which translates to about 3.5 billion searches per day.

    If you’re not on Google, then you’re almost dead:-)

    Other areas of marketing that your rehab center must consider are:


    Content Marketing

    Community Building through Facebook Groups, Discord Groups or Forums

    Virality and Referral

    Business Development and Partnerships

    Rehab Marketing Pay Per Click (PPC)

    Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is a way to enjoy the benefits of a top spot in search engine results pages (SERPs) as you garner organic rankings.

    If your aim is to generate quick leads, PPC is a fast route for your drug rehab marketing strategy.

    PPC is also a great way to test a market or specific parts of your campaign, like messaging, and conversion.

    Hiring a Rehab Marketing Agency?

    Are you searching for a rehab marketing agency with performance ties to your success? Look no further. Here at Alpha:

    • We specialize in the drug rehab and mental health industry.
    • We’ve been in this industry for over 10 years.
    • We know exactly how to drive transactional traffic to your website and convert that traffic into quality leads and intakes.
    • We know the exact KPI’s to measure, within the drug rehab industry.
    • We have a proven track record of success working with both small and large treatment centers.
    • You will have a designated contact person and a designated project manager.

    Save yourself time, money and stress by working with an agency that has years of experience and an iron-clad understanding of what it takes to become successful within this industry.

    Rehab Marketing Through Social Media

    Generating leads and brand awareness through social media marketing for drug rehab centers can be tricky.

    But there’s a method to the madness.

    With your potential clients spending an average of 145 minutes per day on social media, it’s an obvious place to gain awareness and build positive relationships with your brand.

    As the owner of an addiction treatment center, you must answer the question “How do I capitalize on social media traffic and turn that traffic into quality leads?”

    Social media allows you to get close to your target audience and build relationships that put your brand top-of-mind whenever they need you.

    The reality is your rehab clients are far more educated about addiction treatment centers and trust their peers way more than your marketing tactics.

    Social Media Marketing for Rehab

    Your social media marketing starts with brand marketing.

    It should tie back to your rehab center’s goals

    Once your know your goals, there are 2 way to approach your social media strategy:

    You can meet demand or generate demand.

    Meeting demand is far easier than generating demand, but both are needed.

    Meeting demand involves joining current Facebook groups, Discord Groups, Reddit Groups and interacting with current members. People are always open to professional opinions as it relates to their addiction issues.

    Generating demand involves creating your own Facebook group or Discord.

    There are a tremendous amount of opportunities implementing both approaches.

    Which one will work best for your rehab center?

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